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Some of the services offered by a Professional Organizer:

  • Emotional and physical support needed when one is gaining control of their clutter.

  • Offer an unbiased, professional opinion when deciding what belongings to keep and which ones need to find a new home.

  • Try to preserve as many memories as possible in a manner that works for the current space.

  • Assist with the physical sorting and packing.

  • Dispose of unwanted items to the charities of your choice.

  • Set up simple organizing systems to help maintain the control of clutter.

  • Create customized solutions for each individual situation.

  • Access to a list of resources that may help you pass on your items onto a home that they can be appreciated once again.



Find more information on services that can be offered, contact:  Roberta Willits  (204)803-8666 or email 


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